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Decode the Test has partnered with ePrep to provide the most effective online prep course for you to complete at your own pace and on your own time.  These online courses are adaptive, using analytics to systematically measure strengths and weaknesses to direct your focus towards the appropriate areas.  It is the most efficient method for self-directed prep. 


Our online classes:

  • Use analytics and feedback to direct your focus to weak areas
  • Contain video tutorials for every single question
  • Can be done on your own time and at your own pace
  • Give you 12 months of access
  • Come with a Score Increase Guarantee
  • Can be used alone or with Private SAT or ACT Instruction
  • Offer Standard or Premium packages to meet your specific needs.

Not sure what you need?  Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY STRATEGY SESSION with me to ask questions, discuss strategy, and lay out a game plan.

Standard Online Prep (4 full tests, 12 month access).....$395

Premium Online Prep* (6 full tests, 12 month access).....$595

*Premium Prep comes with one in-person or Skype strategy session with a real live person to go over your results!


What are the benefits of online prep?

The main benefit of the online prep program is that it is a more affordable option for those in need of effective and efficient test prep.  Like my private instruction packages, the online prep is also uses analytics to diagnose areas of weakness and target instruction. 

Are there any negatives to an online program?

The main reason why you wouldn’t want to work with an online program would be if you’re not particularly self-disciplined.  If you know you are not the type of person who does well at self-study and who has a difficult managing your own pacing and instruction, you might want to look into my private tutoring options.   

Can I do both online and private instruction?

Absolutely!  It’s a great supplement to our instruction in a number of ways: 

Take the online course first, and then focus one-on-one to target areas in which you are still struggling or to explore other strategies for tackling particular problems. 

Study privately with me first, and then use your online course access throughout the entire year to keep your skills fresh.

Study both the online course and private instruction simultaneously, letting the lessons reinforce one another. 

If you want to talk about the best option for you, schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session with me to see what might best suit your needs.