Since 2007, Decode the Test has been the leading test prep resource in Park City and the Heber Valley.


In fact, I haven't had to do any major advertising in over a decade.  My business has grown almost entirely by word of mouth and referrals.  That's the best advertising of all!

My name is Rebecca Tibbits, and Decode the Test is my one-woman operation. I started this business because I felt there was a need for more personalized attention when it comes to college preparation.   I don't do this because I'm passionate about standardized testing; I actually wrote my graduate thesis on why tests like the ACT and SAT shouldn't be given! I do this because I'm passionate about helping students meet their potential so that the doors of opportunity are wide open for them. 

My background includes a Masters degree in Education and 10 years of teaching experience.  So I’m not just an expert on the ACT and SAT; I’m also a certified and experienced teacher. 

No matter what your situation, your background, your experiences, or your past scores, I have tools for you.  I have raised ACT scores up to 11 points and SAT scores up to 610 points.  It doesn’t matter where you're starting point is, we will identify and implement the tools you need to get your best score.


I'm here to help.


It's my pleasure to talk to you and learn about your family's unique situation and needs.  Set up a complimentary strategy session to ask questions and figure out what route will work best. 


To make the most of your Complimentary Strategy Session, here are some things to have available:

  • List of questions you would like to ask

  • A general idea of future collegiate goals

  • Past SAT, ACT, PSAT, and/or PLAN scores

  • Any other unofficial practice test scores that may have been completed

  • Your calendar (for setting up timelines or scheduling further test prep)

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If you’ve worked with me already, I’d love your testimonial!  Please email it to me at  The best testimonial, though, is the one you tell your friends. 

"We had approached Rebecca Tibbits a few years ago, upon the recommendation from a close friend. Our oldest required some "non-parental" guidance (aka nagging parents) with regards to ACT prep and college application preparation. Rebecca worked one-on-one with our son for several months, effortlessly guiding him through the process. The results were amazing! Our son was able to bring his final ACT score up from 29 to 33, which was fantastic as that eventually translated to scholarship money from his university of choice. Our son really seemed to enjoy working with Rebecca and we found the entire experience to be a positive one. So much so, that we are now in the midst of college app season with our youngest and have once again hired Rebecca. We highly recommend her… she's fantastic!"  ---Cheryl & Erin Q.; San Diego, CA
“Rebecca has helped my two sons with ACT prep.  My older son first scored a 29 on ACT, tutored with Rebecca and brought his score up to a 32.  My other son started with a 23 and then tested at a 26.  We have been thrilled with the results that our boys achieved with Rebecca's help.”  ---Patty M.; Park City, UT
“It was thanks to Rebecca that I was able raise my SAT scores from a 1350 to a 1700.  She made the test seem so easy to understand, and I felt really good going into it.  The boost in my scores made it possible for me to get into my top choice school (DU!) and I was offered scholarship money as well.”  ---Maddy L.; Park City, UT
“Our son was having a lot of difficulty when it came to preparing for college.  He was disengaged in the whole process, didn’t want to sit with a tutor for the SAT, and was struggling to decide on any schools.  Rebecca was able to build a rapport with our son and build his confidence in remarkable ways.  She helped him feel like an “expert” on the test, and motivated him to get excited about college.  He ended up taking the SAT twice, improving his score the second time by nearly 300 points, and now he is a sophomore at the University of Washington!  We are so grateful to Rebecca and the work she has done with our son.”   ---Denise T.; Park City, UT


“The first time my daughter took the ACT, she got a 16.  She was embarrassed to even tell anyone, and was reluctant for me to even hire a tutor.  Rebecca was able to completely turn her around, and in just two months, her composite was a 23!  This has opened up so many doors for her, and we are absolutely thrilled to have had Rebecca’s help.  Thanks!”   ---David B.; Chicago, IL


“I am so thankful that I had the privilege of having Rebecca as a teacher, a mentor, and a tutor.  She is encouraging and positive and has pushed me to become the best I can be in all aspects of life.  Not only did I receive a great score on my ACT, but I walked away feeling confident and prepared for life after high school.” ---Jessie R.; LaCrosse, WI


"Rebecca Tibbits became “one of the family” during the years my two daughters were preparing for college applications. Both of my girls trusted Rebecca implicitly, and called her at all hours with questions! She was extremely knowledgeable in helping them prepare for the ACTs and SATs, and was an invaluable resource in helping them decide which schools to apply to. Rebecca also helped them organize their college essays. It was a very stressful time and Rebecca helped to take the pressure off of me, for which I will always be grateful!"  ---SueAnn K.; Park City, UT


"Rebecca is an excellent tutor! My two sons used her as a college advisor who helped them to be accepted into the college of their choice. I would highly recommend Rebecca! She is extremely easy to get along with and certainly knows how to work with her students."  ---Jackie A.; Long Island, NY


"I can't recommend Rebecca Tibbits enough! My daughter's ACT scores improved dramatically with Rebecca's coaching, but more importantly she learned test taking strategies that have transferred to her success in college. Even more valuable is the confidence that Rebecca instilled in my daughter - and the peace that came with knowing that she could be successful. On so many levels, I am very grateful for Rebecca Tibbits."  ---Heidi M.; Park City, UT

SAT Improvements
1170 to 1630; Garrett A.
1270 to 1880; Christian I.
1950 to 2210; Sam K.
1430 to 1800; Jonas H.
1570 to 1940; Michael K.
1520 to 1690; Kelly M.
1860 to 2150; Maribel S.
1710 to 2020; Paul T.
1350 to 1700; Maddy L.
1660 to 1840; Barrett G.

ACT Improvements
17 to 27; Erika H.
19 to 32; Bailey H.
16 to 22; Joe K.
22 to 28; Natalie B.
16 to 21; Joe K.
20 to 24; Maddie W.
20 to 26; Brent L.
29 to 32; Mickey M.
23 to 26; Kyle M.
16 to 23; Kailey B.
24 to 29; Logan P.
21 to 24; Zach S.
27 to 30; Jessica K.
20 to 25; Elizabeth B.
30 to 34; Sam K.
22 to 29; Phoebe A.